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23 May 2007 @ 05:09 pm
weekly challenge #18!  
because the finale is tonight, this week's theme will feature...

the final two!

yes- icons this week will include jordin sparks, blake lewis, and/or both!

as usual- you are allowed to use whatever picture you desire, as long as blake, jordin, or both are the main focus.

feel free to get creative!

[x] You ARE ALLOWED to use images other than the ones suggested here and the image/icon may include other people (judges, contestants, etc) AS LONG AS BLAKE/JORDIN/BOTH IS THE MAIN FOCUS IN THE PICTURE.
[x] You have until TUESDAY, MAY 29th @ MIDNIGHT EST to enter!
[x] You may only enter up to 3 icons per challenge
[x] Icons must meet LJ standards: under 40KB (file size), 100x100 (pixels); Must be saved in .PNG, .GIF, or .JPG
[x] Brushes, textures, gradients can be used. Blends and animation are allowed.
[x] Do not post the icons anywhere else until the challenge is done. PLEASE do not use old icons. You must create a new one for the challenges.
[x] You can't vote for yourself and don't get people to vote for you. We want this to be fair.
[x] To enter icons: comment on this post, with the image itself and the link pasted underneath the image (example shown on info page).
[x] Comments are screened.

# of entries so far: 0
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