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04 March 2008 @ 10:38 am
looking for mods!  
it turns out that ablog_ortwo and I are super busy human beings.

so we are looking for a couple of extra mods!

their job would basically be to run the community. create the challenges, run the voting, post the results, make the banners.

we would like to keep the main schedule of one challenge per week but the rest is up to the new mods as to how it is run and so forth.

so we are taking applications!

comments are screened, you can apply on this post.

have you been a mod to any other community? if so, which one(s)?
how much time will you have to dedicate to this community?
what are your strengths? weaknesses?
other info (if applicable):

thanks and good luck!
feelin': hopefulhopeful